Is your HR Structure right?

How does your HR Organisational structure look? Is it built for purpose? Does it meet the requirements and challenges of today? Is it aligned with the broader organisational strategy and objectives? Is it an efficient use of your people? Having restructured, re-built and designed HR operating models in the past, we can guide you in determining what is best for your organisation. 

Compensation Strategy

SME or MNC, your Compensation Strategy is a key driver in maintaining your Human Capital competitiveness in the market place and rewarding your people appropriately. Having managed Compensation across multiple locations, we can help you get to where you need to be. 

Performance Management

Is your Performance process nothing more than a tick box exercise? Are you more focused on the completion rates rather than the quality and outcomes of performance discussions? Is your current Performance Management process out of date and disconnected from the organisational objectives? Do the outputs from your Performance process correlate with the outcomes of your Compensation decisions? Overseeing the Performance management for employees at all levels of the hierarchical structure and across multiple platforms, we are the right choice for reviewing your process. 

Managing HR Costs

Are you facing cost pressures from management, or do you want to understand how your cost base is made up? Is your cost allocation matrix fit for purpose? Are you preparing a cost-benefit proposal for a project or working on next year’s budget? Do you understand the break down between your direct costs, allocated costs and influenced costs? With Finance and HR experience, we can guide you through the maze that is HR Finance and give you and your organisation complete clarity. 

HR Health Check

We take our cars for regular servicing, and we book our annual health check, but how often do we give our HR function a Health Check? An HR Health Check is a walk through of your HR function, end to end, testing handshakes, controls and processes. Why wait for an error, a failed audit or worse? Prevention is better than cure. With our in-depth cross-functional HR experience, we can check the health of your HR function.

HR Due Diligence

Whether you are making a corporate acquisition, entering a Joint Venture or divesting an entity, due diligence from an HR perspective is critical. Understanding the implications of HR driven liabilities, and policies is essential to determining the value and risks associated with the transaction. We have worked across multiple Joint Ventures, acquisitions and divestments. It’s a tricky road, but we know it well. 

Thinking of Outsourcing or Offshoring?

Outsource, Offshore or Nearshore, you better be sure! Making the wrong decision can lead to significant dislocation of your HR function, loss of credibility within the organisation and a blowout in costs, not to mention the potential regulatory issues you may face. We have done it all before, seen how it can work well and how it can fail. 

Upcoming Audits

Are you preparing for an Internal or External Regulatory Audit? Getting a Risk and Control Assessment beforehand can allow you to self-identify issues and establish remediation actions in advance. Not knowing is not a defence. Let us help you get on the front foot and identify problems before others do.   


Ensuring all procedures are in order, controls in place, and tested is key to successful payroll risk mitigation. Are you thinking of a new vendor? Centralising Payroll? Or need a Payroll Health Check? We bring decades of experience across all aspects of Payroll to help you.


Reviewing your Key Operating Procedures (KOPs) to check that they are current and relevant is critical to ensuring their effectiveness. We can bring you our experience in implementing and reviewing of Global, Regional and Country KOPs for all HR functions.

Internal Controls

Four eye principals, segregation of duties, maker checker controls. Account reconciliations, approval chains, levels of authority. Critical but often overlooked. Let us use our experience to test and, where required, remedy your internal controls.

Risk Training

An effective risk control environment begins with strong risk awareness of your team. Facilitated training can help team members be more aware of their roles and responsibilities from a Risk and Governance perspective. We have successfully conducted Risk training for entire HR functions across 16 countries. Let us share our knowledge with your teams. 

Establish Your 3LoD

Implementing the three lines of defence model (3LoD) to determine ownership, categorise risks and measure controls is considered best practice. We have implemented 3LoD risk frameworks in multiple locations and across the entire HR function.

Vendor Management and Vendor Reviews

Are you managing your vendors, or are they managing you? Let's review the service agreement and determine how they are performing against their KPIs. We have managed vendor tenders, selections and reviews.

Business Continuity Planning

If you don't have this right when you need it, you will be in a world of trouble. We have built, tested and activated real-life BCP scenarios.

Review of Employment Screening Process

Is your employment "Pre-Employment" or "Post-Employment"? How long does it take? How comprehensive is it? What does your escalation matrix look like? Get screening wrong can have internal and regulatory implications. We have had over 15 years of experience in this field.

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